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3t2 Mesh Conversions [Dec. 20th, 2029|09:26 pm]
The Remi Files


These are ALL the 3t2 conversions, both from the games released my EA (Sims 3 EPs and SPs and Medieval) as well as TS3 hairs by creators (Raon, Newsea, etc) that have been converted to TS2. These used to be separate categories, but it was becoming incredibly difficult to tell whether the mesh was from EA or a creator.

3t2 Mesh Conversions

Preview43t2 Full Moon3t2 Long Wavy3t2 Mod Twist3t2 Party in the Back3t2 Romance3t2 Short Buzz v13t2 Short Buzz v23t2 Slightly Sided V23t2EleganceEP 07 Sweet3t2Jessy 3t2 Heroic HairJessy 3t2 Princess WavyJPN Long 3t2JPN Meta 3t2Pertpixiecut3t2Sclub N3Chignon 3t2Shokoninio Ponytail 3t2Short Wavy Messy 3t2Shorty McFleursterson3t2TrappingFShortAfro3t2Trapping's Un Do 3t2 Wavy TextureZoe's 3t23t2 All Banged Up3t2 Mild Hawk3t2 Riddled Waves Front3t2 Riddled Waves3t2 Slight ScuffleTrapping's 3t2 AudreyTrapping's 3t2 BraidTrapping's 3t2 Ep07 SweetTrapping's CowlickTrapping's The Take OffZoe's Cropped CurlsShort & SpikeyShoulderedTrapping's Pumped Up Pom Pom3t2 HC Surf Swept vd3t2 HC The Flip vd3t2 Jessy Princess vd3t2 Marja Braidy Bunch vd3t2 Marja Hawk F vd3t2 Marja Hawk M vd3t2 Trapping Blown Back Gel vd3t2 Trapping Bound Up Bow vd3t2 Trapping Bountiful Beret vd3t2 Trapping Can't Care vd3t2 Trapping EP04 Elder H vd3t2 Trapping Full Moon F vd3t2 Trapping Full Moon M vd3t2 Trapping Gen Mohawk F vd3t2 Trapping Gen Mohawk M vd3t2 Trapping Long Wavy F vd3t2 Trapping Long Wavy M vd3t2 Trapping Louis Little vd3t2 Trapping Mod Twist vd3t2 Trapping Party in the Back vd3t2 Trapping Short Buzz vd3t2 Trapping Side Short F vd3t2 Trapping Side Short M vd3t2 Trapping Slightly Sided vd3t2 Trapping Smokin Slick vd3t2 Trapping SP05 RoBow vd3t2 Trapping Sweetly Swept Back vd3t2 Trapping Un Do vdRaon MH14 3t2Bfly062 3t23t2 Tantra Bob vd3t2TrapsSkysims1093t2Unidreads - simstrangers